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Dementia Consultation
and Support

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be a devastating and life changing experience for everyone involved.   We are available to provide compassionate and supportive information to support you and your loved ones in understanding what this means, discuss any fears and concerns, and assist you with future planning. 

Things we can Discuss:

  • Navigating a dementia diagnosis and what that means for the future. 

  • Comprehensive assessment of physical and functional abilities with a detailed report

  • Dementia education and support 

  • Lifestyle changes to create best health outcomes and reduce disease progression.

  • Therapy advice and support to improve/maintain independence. 

  • Support to understand and/or access support services at home 

  • Discussion on funding options for support services 

  • Creation of life story book

  • Allied health referral 

  • Assessment and recommendation of mobility aids/equipment

  • Support with managing responsive behaviours. 

  • Carer Support

  • Support with Future Planning

  • Discuss Advanced healthcare directives, Enduring Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Support with residential care placement including;

  • Things to consider when choosing an aged care facility.  I will also provide you with a list of questions to ask.

  • How to set things up so that your loved one will have the best possible experience.

  • What furniture/keepsakes to bring and how to maximise comfort and reduce falls

  • Ideal clothing and footwear choices

  • Discussion on  meaningful activities and how to encourage staff to provide this to your loved one.

  • Discussion on your values and wishes

  • Provide a care plan with a focus on well being and independence, that can be given to the care facility.

  • Attend aged care facilities with you and provide extra in-person support

young hands holding an elderly hand
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