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Physiotherapy and
Pain Management

Services can be private or bulk-billed via home care package/NDIS.

Extended length treatment sessions

Services Offered:

  • Comprehensive physiotherapy assessment evaluating strength, joint range of motion, motor control, balance, falls history and pain.

  • Individualised education and advice.

  • Falls Rehabilitation and Prevention Strategies

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Assess joint stability and bracing recommendation if appropriate.

  • Address barriers to participating in rehabilitation.

  • Recommendation and referral to other Allied Health Services as required.

  • Trial of walking aids

  • Outdoor walking programs

  • Link into community recreational activities/programs

  • Tips for maintaining functional activity levels including fatigue management, simplifying tasks, utilising equipment, and creating routines/habits.

  • Review care plan to ensure service provision is maximising functional independence and is promoting person-centred care.

  • Education on well-being and the importance of maintaining social connections.

Physiotherapy sessions are tailored to your individual needs and include a combination of neurological physiotherapy, education, cognitive stimulation therapy, & functional activities, all designed to maximise your independence and promote well being.   Most importantly we try to make every therapy session enjoyable, with our main goal being to make you smile! 

a carer helping a senior man to walk
a group of senior women keeping fit
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