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Staff Training/Mentoring
in Dementia Care

Dementia education and mentoring for health care staff

Please contact us to discuss pricing

Services Offered:

  • Staff training sessions including PowerPoint presentations, workshops, practical discussions, and on-floor training, mentoring, and coaching.

  • Group and individual support available

  • Focus is on bite-sized learning components with practical tips and case study discussions, to offer real world learning.

  • The goal of our training is to empower staff to understand how their behaviour and choices can directly impact a person and their responses. 

Topics include:

  • Understanding Dementia.

  • How does Dementia impact a person?

  • How does Dementia impact care partners?

  • Understanding Grief/Loss and Emotions.

  • Understanding Responsive Behaviours.

  • Becoming a Dementia Detective.

  • Task-Focused Care vs Person-Centred Care.

  • Wellness and Reablement model of care

  • Tips for working with a Person Living with Dementia.

  • Tips for working with a Person with Responsive Behaviours!

  • Trauma Informed Care!

  • Understanding How Staff Behaviour Can Impact Client’s Behaviour.

  • Responsive Behaviours

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Palliative Care (coming soon)

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