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Transitioning to Aged Care

Transitioning into Residential Care Support

Moving to residential care is a significant life transition often accompanied by feelings of grief and despair. At Absolute Care Therapy, we understand the challenges faced by busy and overwhelmed families in supporting their loved ones through this process. We are here to walk alongside you on this difficult journey, providing support, advocacy, and expert advice every step of the way.

Relevant Topics and Services Include:

  • What to consider when choosing an Aged Care Facility

  • Discussion on what to look out for in an Aged Care Facility

  • We can attend facilities with you and support you with asking questions

  • Comprehensive checklist of questions to ask when evaluating facilities

  • Personalised tips for setting up the environment

  • Recommendations for furniture, keepsakes, comfort

  • Falls prevention strategies and suggestions

  • Clothing and footwear recommendations

  • Utilise home care package funds to support your transition.

  • Discussion on your values and wishes and support provided to share these

  • Care Plan written recommendations completely personalised to your specific needs

  • Discussion on aids/equipment that can aid independence, memory and function

  • Attend aged care facilities with you and provide extra in-person support

  • Explore enriching activities and foster staff to engagement

  • Discussion on family’s role in ongoing care and support

  • Conversations about values, wishes, and a well-being-focused care plan  

  • Advanced Healthcare planning

  • Education on maximal supports you can receive at home so you are fully informed in your decision making 

  • ‘About Me’ Chart Creation tool and Home Health File Checklist and teaching video, to facilitate person-centred care and communication with all carers.


$224 + GST for first 1-3 hours
$200 + GST for subsequent 4-10 hours

Parts of this service may be funded through HCP and NDIS funds. Contact Us to find out more information.

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“You have provided our family with really useful information.”

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