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Dementia Therapy and Consulting

Walking the Ageing & Dementia Journey Together

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Carers are Super Heroes in Plain Clothes!

​At Absolute Care Therapy we know that navigating declining health, or receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be a distressing experience. We are here to offer compassionate support, address concerns, maximise independence and wellbeing, and assist with future planning.


Absolute Care Therapy offers comprehensive functional assessments, dementia education, and personalised dementia consulting.  We help you regain your independence, take back control and enhance your well-being and quality of life.

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About Absolute Care Therapy

Amanda has over 20 years of experience supporting individuals on their ageing journey

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Our Services

Absolute Care Therapy offer a range of dementia support services throughout the Perth metro area.

Services include physiotherapy and functional assessment, dementia therapy, dementia support, residential care transitioning, caregiver support and training for caregiver staff.

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Absolute Care Therapy: Promoting Independence & Wellbeing for Seniors

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