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Dementia & Aged Care Consulting

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Navigating health challenges or receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be very distressing.  We are here to offer compassionate support, address concerns, maximise independence, and assist with future planning for you and your loved ones

Discussion Topics:

  • Navigating a dementia diagnosis or declining health

  • Advocacy and support to help you best manage your medical conditions

  • Comprehensive assessment of physical and functional abilities with a detailed report

  • Education, lifestyle changes, and therapy advice.

  • Support for accessing home services and funding options

  • Assisting families in understanding dementia and support to maintain relationships and meaningful engagement.

  • Life story book

  • Allied health referrals

  • Mobility aids assessment

  • Assistance in managing challenging behaviours with care and understanding. 

  • Carer Support and linking in to support networks

  • Future Planning

  • Advanced healthcare directives, Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Guidance and Assistance with Transitioning to Residential Care:

  • Residential care facility considerations, questions, and set up tips.

  • Recommendations for furniture, keepsakes, comfort and falls prevention.  

  • Ideal clothing and footwear

  • Explore enriching activities and foster ways to inspire staff to engage your loved one meaningfully.

  • Conversations about values, wishes, and a well-being-focused care plan.  

  • In-person support and assistance during visits to aged care facilities.  

Services can be provided face to face, virtual meetings online, or over the telephone.

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