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Home Care Package or NDIS clients incur no out-of-pocket expenses.

A Physical and Functional Assessment (3-hours total), evaluates your functional abilities, identifies strengths, and provides suggestions for maintaining or improving independence. Results can help guide therapy, service provision, and future planning.   Includes:

Basic Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)​

  • Get into/out of bed or chair

  • Personal Care Tasks

  • Getting Dressed including shoes

  • Eating/Swallowing

  • Care of personal care items (hearing aids, glasses, orthotics, walker)

  • Walking / Climbing Stairs

​Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

  • Shopping/ Getting Groceries

  • Transportation (Driving/Public)

  • Preparing meals

  • Managing Medication

  • Using Phone/Technology

  • Cleaning / Maintaining Home

  • Running Errands / Appointments

  • Managing Finances

  • Care of others (including selecting and supervising caregivers)

  • Care of pets

Psycho-Social Assessment​

  • Mood/Cognition

  • Social Support

  • Social Connection

  • Carer Stress

  • Hobbies/interests

  • Level of complexity

  • Goals/motivation/preference

Pricing 3-hours total $672

Includes pre-assessment questionnaire/review, 1-1.5 hours face to face assessment, problem/plan report, home exercise program and individualised advice. 


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