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Support to Help You Live Independently at Home

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A Living at Home Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of your functional abilities, areas of strengths, and suggestions for maintaining or improving independence.  This can be used to determine need for therapy, service provision, or future planning. Things that will be assessed include:


Basic Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)​

  • Get into/out of bed or chair

  • Personal Care Tasks

  • Getting Dressed including shoes

  • Eating/Swallowing

  • Care of personal care items (hearing aids, glasses, orthotics, walker)

  • Walking / Climbing Stairs

​Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

(activities related to living independently)​

  • Shopping/ Getting Groceries

  • Transportation (Driving/Public)

  • Preparing meals

  • Managing Medication

  • Using Phone/Technology

  • Cleaning / Maintaining Home

  • Running Errands / Appointments

  • Managing Finances

  • Care of others (including selecting and supervising caregivers)

  • Care of pets

Psycho-Social Assessment​

  • Mood/Cognition

  • Social Support

  • Social Connection

  • Carer Stress

  • Hobbies/interests

  • Level of complexity

  • Goals/motivation/preferences


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